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Crystal Curtain & Blind Manufacturers Ltd were recently invited to take part in the popular TV programme DIY SOS The Big Build.

As most people are aware, the aim is to help people who through no fault of their own, require assistance on a large scale, and this time was no different. The recipient this time was an ex military man who was virtually wheelchair bound, yet lived with his family in a house which was unsuitable for his condition and didn't even have a downstairs toilet. Over 10 days, this state of affairs was rectified by the goodwill and hard work of many tradespeople, who modified his home inside and out. Amongst these alterations was a new extension on the back of the house, which had French doors put in to allow access to the new garden and this is where we came in. The Perfect Fit system is ideal as it requires no drilling or screwing and simply fits onto doors & windows by means of clips, thus meaning the blind stays neatly out of the way when either is opened, and yet still retains full operation, so a pair of Tensioned 25mm White Venetian Perfect Fits were installed. The programme is due to be shown on Tuesday 15th October 2013

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